Thoughts about the original iPhone

Here is a thought about the original iPhone after the launch...

Nobody complained about the battery.

Nobody complained how small the screen is.

Nobody complained about anything about it.

It was new.

And now, we have a nation of complainers about everything of anything about phones.

Phones are no longer seen as phones, they are now a part of our personal connection.

A digital companion and we trade it in for the next whatever it may be.

Facebook to acquire Oculus VR

If they are buying this because of the social benefits then we are heading for the Metaverse like in the cyberpunk book, Snow Crash.

It is a strange purchase because Oculus VR is for gaming and perhaps helps with medical (operation in HD!) or something in the world that can benefit from this.

Something tells me that Facebook are wanting to "buy the next big thing". In the wake of producing Facebook Paper, buying Instagram and WhatsApp, there is no end to this company where money is limitless.

Big purchases no longer surprises us.

Link: BBC News.

Update: My wife, Hannah said:

"It is not Facebook themselves, it is the companies that are allowing themselves to be bought out."

Turn your hand over dummy

I will let you view the rest of the post.

Where's my watch...

Slow learning

A little back story about myself, I do know how to build websites using HTML/CSS (Okay, HAML and SASS to tell the truth!), WordPress, etc. I do dabble putting jQuery/JavaScript together from whatever I have found online. It isn't enough for me where I want to learn JavaScript properly. This means diving into the world of coding.

For the past week, I have been learning JavaScript via Codecademy and probably learnt about 60% of the language. The rest was tricky and difficult to grasp and to the frustration building up in my coding brain, it was a struggle to complete. Instead of getting all grouchy, I gave myself a pat on the back for completing the course. You got to give yourself credit!

After looking at other people's JavaScript/jQuery coding, it all makes sense and it is easy to scan to find and edit changes.

And yet...

When will I understand how it all works and code my own scripts? When can I put something together without ease? The perfectionist beast in me mocks.

What brought all this on to learn? It is because Node.js is coming in thick and fast all over the web and nearly all web developers I have spoken to rave about it. If I am going to learn Node.js, it means learning JavaScript.

Slow learning is how I manage in life and screw the fast and extreme world of trying to get somewhere asap. You do want to learn it properly without bolting something together quickly and put it out there in hope it all holds up.

Oh, and one more thing... Remind yourself to enjoy coding! That's the secret!


If you have a huge love for Minecraft and looking for the next best thing, my suggestion for you to check out PlanetsĀ³. I won't say any more about this (apart from the cube planets?!).

It is currently on Kickstarter raising over $70k so far and they are hoping to smash the goal of $250k in 22 days time. If they manage to achieve that goal earlier, the stretch goals will start.

I truly do hope they will achieve this and deliver. One to watch!